i finally decided to check out hunter x hunter and i ended up watching the whole series in about a week. i’m exhausted but i also feel reborn

I’m slowly gettin back into the swing of drawing after being mostly inactive for a couple weeks. the bottom two pics were attempts at finding a quick yet recognisable way to draw danato, Zia and Dega to use as visual aids in my korean notes ɿ(。・ɜ・)ɾ

this past week I’ve been doing basically nothing but watch phineas and ferb I’m a mess

these aren’t exactly new but I don’t think I ever posted them

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haven’t been drawing a whole lot this past week but here, have some sugi-sibs and a mizuta dressed as luke fon fabre (they have the same voice)

love this bot

some stuff from when my art was being weird on me a couple days ago

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danato my precious son and  moon. it feels so nice to put more than minimal effort into somethin that’s not fanart haha

I never draw my own characters enough but I’ve been thinkin about em a lot this last week

cleaned up my theme a bit a few days ago and added this mizuta as a sidebar pic aaaaand I kinda wanted to share what how the traditional lines and digital colours look side by side ¯\_(ツ)_/¯